New chlorinators

There will be two new chlorinators installed for the public pool.
The old chlorinators have had their best time, and replacement is needed.

Renovation floor around public pool

Renovation floor around the public pool

This year we will replace the floor around the public pool.

The floor is damaged and creates dangerous situations because the floor breaks open and sharp parts come up.

Installation solar panels

The committee has launched the idea to install solar panels on the clubhouse’s roof. Those solar panels will feed all public areas in the village. The investment will be earned back in 4.7 years.

The idea is approved in the last AGM. The committee will get more quotations to get the best price. 

Please inform the committee if you are interested in having solar panels for your house in Green Filed Villas 2. We will try to get a better price if we have more houses.

Update Digital message board

The digital message board is installed at the entrance of the village.

Digital message board

To share information in a better way the committee decided to install a digital message board at the entrance of the village.

Why a message board?

The committee finds it important to have good communication with the owners/renters. We noticed that it is not always easy to be in contact with everybody. Email addresses are sometimes not up to date or not read by owners. Or owners do not share information with their renters. We also noticed that the information on the display board is rarely read.

What kind of information?

This could be the water or electricity cuts, AGM announcements, committee requests, town hall information, etc

Camera system update 4


Camera project is finished.

27 cameras are guarding the village.

Camera system update 3


Time frame
The committee is happy to inform you that 75% of the new camera installation is completed. We expect to finish the project before 1 September.

Several owners complaint before that there was no camera in their soi. With the new installation, the whole village is covered. 

As we had several incidents in the gym the committee decided to hang also a camera inside the gym.

Camera locations
When the project is finished then there are 2 cameras pointed on the swimming pool, 1 camera in the public area in front of the clubhouse, 1 camera in the gym, 3 cameras at the entrance, 1 camera at every soi with exception of soi 11 and soi 2 there are 2 cameras as those streets are very long. 4 cameras at the main road and 2 cameras in the park.

As we don’t want to violate the privacy of owners and renters we make sure that no cameras are pointed to private gardens or pools.

Be aware that the committee will only use the camera recordings in case of incidents. 


If you worry about your privacy you can make a request to see the camera view, to see by yourself your privacy is not violated.

Public area, paint job

The committee has had a section of the public area repainted; the area in front of the clubhouse entrance, the hall of the toilet, and the planters in front of the gym.

The paint job was for the ceiling, the walls, the pillars, and the skirting boards.

Gates, paint job, replacing gears

The gates at the entrance have been repainted. 

Over time, the gates began to make more and more noise as they opened and closed. 

This was caused by gear wear. 

We have now built ball bearings into the gears to reduce noise and wear.

Security cameras 2

After more investigation the committee decided to use fiberoptic for the camera network in the village.

At the AGM 2020/2021 is approved that a new camerasystem should be installed.

We will make a high quality and fast fiber network. 

We will use three types of cameras:

  • wired IPcameras.
  • WIFI IP-cameras connected to a power supply
  • WIFI IP-cameras solar powered

The project will be in several fases. Our goal is to have every soi guarded and parts of the outside wall of the village.

Security cameras 1

Most security cameras in the village are defective. The reason is that the cables are broken on many locations.

This is the second time from the existing of the village that the camera cables are broken. The cables we have now are LAN cables, the last time we changed the cables we were advised by a security company to use lan cable instead of coax cable. A bad advise as we see now. The cables are pulverized as a result of the weather conditions, sun and rain.

The first cables we had were installed by the developer of the village. Those were coax cables but after several years the wires break. The reason is that the coax is hanging from pole to pole and after many years it stretch out because of its own weight.

The committee has looked for solutions and found a type of  cable what would last for a long time. But this is not cheap and we have to see if that is possible with the village budget.

The cable we like to use has a so called messenger cable. It is an extra steel cable what you can fit on the poles and avoids the coax cable to hang on it’s own weight so it will not stretch out. We expect those cables to survive at least 7 years.


Update Entrance system:

The new entrance system is active. Most owners and or renters have been contacted and have been provided with headlight stickers and/or RFID cards.

Some owners/renters are abroad and need to contact the committee when they are back to get their entrance cards/stickers as well.

As we know now that the system works very well, the next step will be to install a RFID reader on the exit gate.
We expect this to be ready in May 2021.

Entrance system

The entrance system from our village is broken and we can not get replacement parts to repair it as the system is outdated. This also  means we can not use the existing database anymore.

Therefore there will be a new entrance system installed in November.

The new system is a so called long distance reader. There are two ways to open the gate.

  1. Open your window and wave your RFID card
  2. Or automatically with a RFID head light sticker

The RFID headlight sticker is an almost invisible sticker what should be stuck on the right headlight of your car. It can also be used on the headlight of your motor bike.

With the headlight sticker, the gate will automatically open at the moment you enter the gate area.

In November we start a RFID card exchange. You will receive new cards for your old cards free of charge. 

If you prefer the automatic opening then you must buy a headlight sticker. The price is 250 thb.

You will be visited by a committee member to exhange the cards.

Update Security cameras:

The committee has been investigating more further in camera security systems.
We have found out that it is better to use fiber technology instead of using copper wiring.

Fiber technology has many advances, less cabling, greater bandwidth and the possibility to use wireless cameras on locations were it is difficult to install cables.

If the needed investment for this security system is approved at the AGM we hope to make a start in the beginning of June 2021

This year we will replace the floor around the public pool. The floor is damaged and is creating dangerous situations because the floor breaks open and sharp parts come up .